FCP is continuously seeking experienced and responsible construction laborers to join our honest and reputable construction company known for treating its employees with fairness and respect. We offer competitive pay, a generous benefits package, per diem, and opportunities for advancement. Requirements include : 18 years or older, a valid driver's license, one or more years of experience in construction, ability to lift heavy material, flexibility to work 40+ hours per week, ability to travel out of town during the week or on weekends, and working safely according to industry standards. Duties include: Cleaning and preparing construction sites as needed, disposing of waste materials and debris, picking up and storing all tools and equipment, loading and unloading of construction supplies, and operating a variety of hand and power tools.


Riggers are an essential part of the FCP team. On construction sites, rigging provides the means of safely lifting and moving precast and equipment as needed. Riggers will be trained in the correct methods and using the proper equipment associated with precast erecting. Requirements include: 18 years or older, valid driver's license, construction and rigging experience, the ability to lift heavy materials and working safely per industry standards. Duties include: rigging precast, erecting/setting precast and the use of power and hand tools. Flexibility is required to work 40+ hours per week, and to travel out of town during the week and on weekends if required.

Structural Welder

FCP offers competitive wages and benefits for our welders. Experience and certifications in structural welding is required. FCP will provide additional certifications by our CWI with a guided bent test. Typical welding will be: shielded metal arc, 3G vertical up, and 4G overhead (all positions), shop coat primed carbon steel and/or galvanized materials, using E-7018 rods. Requirements include: valid driver's license, ability to travel out of town during the week and or weekends if needed, flexibility to work 40+ hours during the week and on weekends if required, and working safely per industry standards.

Crane and Equipment Operators

FCP has numerous cranes and equipment associated with erecting precast. Positions for NCCCO qualified crane operators are available with competitive wages and benefits. Certifications will be needed for Crawler Lattice Boom and Rubber Tire Lattice Boom Cranes, knowledge and experience in the assembling and disassembling of these types of cranes is required.

Equipment operator positions for the following equipment are also available: all terrain forklifts, front end skid steer loaders, and back hoe loaders.

All operators are required to have a valid driver's license, flexibility to work 40+ hours per week and/or weekends when required, and the ability to travel out of town during the week and/or on weekends.

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