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We pride ourselves on being a solutions-based company, while striving to ensure our projects are installed safely, on-schedule, and on-budget.

Highly trusted for the biggest precast/prestressed concrete projects.

We are large enough to handle municipal bridges and stadiums yet adaptable enough to overcome whatever obstacles that may occur during a project. We have a diverse portfolio that includes projects such as large commercial concrete buildings and warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, stadiums and arenas, bridges, and parking structures.

Stadiums & Arenas

Precast/Prestressed concrete has become a common choice for construction of stadiums and arenas. Long spanning members and the elimination of timely and costly forming and shoring of cast-in-place concrete are just a few  benefits of using Precast/Prestressed concrete on these types of projects. Precast/Prestressed concrete is used primarily in the seating areas of stadiums. These can be complete precast systems or partial systems with structural steel or cast-in-place concrete.  Most stadium and arena projects tend to have an accelerated schedule. The ability to mass produce seating segments along with rapid installation, is what makes Precast/Prestressed beneficial. Products used on this projects may include: Single and Double Risers, Columns, Raker Beams, Walls, Slabs, Stairs, and Aisle Steps.


Precast and Prestressed concrete is ideal for multiple length bridge construction.  Our product provides low maintenance, long durability, and a means of rapid installation. Box Beams, Girders, and Bulb Tees are common products for bridge construction. Precast Deck Panels and Cored Slabs provide an economical solution to cast-in-place concrete. Other popular bridge products include Precast Caps and Abutments, Precast Barrier Rails, and Sound Walls.


The use of Precast/Prestressed concrete wall panels as an exterior on single or multi-story commercial buildings or warehouses can provide an economic advantage to other types of building products, such as block or metal panels. Load bearing exterior walls can eliminate the need for structural framing along the perimeter of the building. By casting steel reinforced plates on the interior of the wall, connections can be made to the roof framing members. Non-load bearing wall panels can be connected directly to the structural framing. The rapid erecting of our wall panels create scheduling benefits. Multiple finishes and reveals can be incorporated on the exterior face of the panels. Along with its ability to apply paint directly to its surface, the wall panels can also achieve a range of R-values and Fire-Ratings.

Parking Structures

Precast/Prestressed concrete is the preferred material choice of architects and engineers for concrete parking structures. Parking Structures are unique in many aspects. They are subject to moving loads and are typically fully or partially exposed to the elements of weather. Typically, they are complete precast structures.  Advancement in corrosion resistant chemical additives, enhance the durability of precast, making it ideal for this type of structure. The ability to use specific types of high capacity cranes allows the erecting to take place in limited spaces. Typical products used in the construction of parking structures include: insulated and solid load bearing walls (elevator/mechanical shafts, stair wells, and exterior), shear walls, load bearing light walls in the center, columns, beams, spandrel walls and double tees for floors and roofs.
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